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Brownstone Bistro & Bar
August 2, 2007, 9:20 pm
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Did I ever mention how much I love Toronto? As I have said, on more than one occasion: I love Toronto like Carrie Bradshaw loves New York. Doesn’t that say it all?

Yes, I complain about living in North York, especially since my neck of the woods is sketchy. But I did grow up in suburban Hamilton, sheltered and innocent. Downtown Toronto is totally different though, its always busy and great energy. Just walking down Yonge Street gets me pumped up (to shop… that’s another story).

Let me take you back, about a month ago, I believe June 29th, to Brownstone Bistro and Bar. I really should have posted this a LONG time ago, but never got to it because I am a procrastinator. Plus my brain is melting from lack of calculus (you read correctly: lack of).

Brownstone Bistro and Bar is located 601 Yonge Street, near Wellesley Station. Nice atmosphere, huh?

My sister, C, and I started with the Appetizer Sampler Platter for two, which includes (from top left, clockwise) grilled calamari, blacked chicken tenders, bruschetta and spring rolls.

My dinner, the California Chicken Melt. “Open faced sandwich on ciabatta with guacamole, tomato, grilled chicken, mango pieces topped with a blend of cheddar and mozzarella cheeses”. YUM.

C’s dinner, Pizza Robuste (I think she partially picked this because we liked saying the name). “Strips of steak, sautéed red onion, grilled peppers, mushrooms, and fresh tomatoes over a tomato pesto sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese”. Who knew 12 inches was so big?!

We also had mango juice to drink. There is also a great selection of alcoholic drinks, but I didn’t want to be the only one having a drink, since C is underage.

Our bill came to almost exactly $50 (including tax, excluding tip), the service was great and the atmosphere was relaxed. I definitely want to go back for brunch on a weekend and try their Nutella and Banana Pancakes.

Brownstone Bistro and Bar
601 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M4Y 1Z5